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In a world where color is so important and vibrant, we are constantly asked if our trims can be dyed.  That sounds like a pretty easy question…yes or no, right?  Well, unfortunately it is not that easy.

When dyeing fabrics, you need to keep many things in mind:

Temperature– this is very important when dyeing; some dyes require hot water while others require cold water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the dye package.

Length of dye time– the longer you leave your item in the dye bath, the deeper the color usually. Some items will only absorb a limited amount of color.

Strength of the dye concentration– consumer dyes are not as concentrated or controlled as industrial dyes, the strength can determine the final outcome. Again, follow the manufacturer’s directions for the most accuracy.

Fiber content– this is most important as you can see below in our office experiment. Different fibers absorb dye different…some fibers have more nylon or polyester and therefore will repel the dye more than a natural fiber like hemp or cotton.

Since we are asked about dyeing trims from Expo International, Inc. so often, we dyed the trims above in Dylon Flamingo Pink Dye.  We followed the instructions and put all of the trim samples in the same dye bath for one hour stirring it every 15 minutes….stirring every 15 minutes…stirring every 15 minutes…

WOW…what a difference!

Fiber Contents:

IR1785WH           100% Polyester

FA202WH            100% Polyester

TL2400WH           100% Nylon

IR6717WH           100% Polyester

IR6884NT             100% Cotton

IR6665CDL           100% Polyester

IR2585WH           100% Polyester

IR4426WH           100% Polyester

So, in conclusion, the answer is yes…the trims can be dyed; that is the only thing that we can confirm. It is up to you to test the trim that you want to use in the dye that you choose. Be diligent in your preparation of the dye bath and the length of time that you dye the product.

Keep in mind that you should keep detailed notes if you ever want to duplicate a color.  With color being so important in a kaleidoscope world…experiment, explore and enjoy the trims at Expo International, Inc.

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Wow…that is a tongue twister of a headline!  At Expo International, Inc. we are having so much fun with our new tulle line that we are excited to share project ideas with you and your customers! Currently, we have a NO SEW tutu pattern and a funky flip flop pattern on our home page.  You won’t believe how easy these projects are to make!  Use these patterns for groups of girls that love to craft; make it a tutu tulle party! If you teach the parents and teachers, they will share this craft with many others!

We are currently working on costume ideas, inspired by the antics of Dean, our Territorial Sales Manager.  Dean loves showing off our finished design work; in this photo you will find him with his “lion mane” of tulle…what a character!

Can you imagine the fun you and your customers can have with costumes of tulle? Just imagine…lions, fairies, princesses, witches and scarecrows to name a few different ideas. You can also decorate your store windows or display areas with tulle for a friendly Halloween or scary Halloween!   Your customers will do the same at home once inspired! Use other trims and embellishments from Expo International, Inc. in your costume  and decorating department as well.  We now carry an extensive line of chainette trims, metallic chainette trims, sequin chainette trims, pom trims, baby pom trims, faux suede trims and ric rac trims of all shapes and sizes!

Make sure you check out the fantastic specialty tulle we carry.  We have just added glitter dots tulle, glitter curves tulle, flocked polka dot tulle and camouflage tulle.  I can’t wait to get back to my designs so I can share them with you very soon!!!

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“She’s Crafty” was the theme of the CHA Winter 2012 Tradeshow in Anaheim last week and crafts were abundant.  The first day kicked off with a great flash mob of dancers in the lobby.

It was organized by Charity Wings, check it out-

It was a great show, exciting and very upbeat…what a change from some of the recent past shows!  In our booth, the excitement hinged on our rhinestones brooches, buttons, and buckles, sequin trims and fantastic fashion accessories!

Although there was a buying buzz in our booth throughout the entire show, I was able to sneak out and check out what’s happening.  I am so happy to report that to me it looks like some of our favorite crafts are floating to the top of barrel once again.  I saw scrapbooking products being used in other crafty ways incorporating many different products.  Although the hype was on mixed media…I believe it will morph into many different crafts from our pasts and that excites me!  Watch for more wearable art, dimensional wall art and eclectic gift making!  I also believe that there will be a new interest in the stitching arts like cross stitch, glass etching, flower making, and doll making.  Keep in mind that although I mention these crafts that were strong in the 80’s and early 90’s, they will have a very modern flavor.  Keep your eyes open!!!

As I mentioned, our fashion accessories were very popular. Most of our fashion accessories come complete with a pin back and a hairclip; the hardest decision your customer has to make is, “how do I want to wear it today?”!

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Have you seen our virtual tradeshow yet?  If not, click on the button on the top right hand corner of the home page and learn about our fantastic rhinestone buttons, buckles, and brooches!  We will show you a brief collection of the items and ways to use them in your fashion accessories.

We know that you can’t attend all of the tradeshows and neither can we, so we decided to bring the tradeshow to you via our Expo International Virtual Tradeshow!  You can view new episodes in the comfort of your office or home, review the actual products on the website and make your purchases on our shopping cart…how easy is that?

If you haven’t yet logged onto our site, just click on the “register here” button on the home page, fill out the required information, fax in your tax id number and soon you will have access to our pricing, discounts, specials, and promotions.  There are a lot of perks at www.expointl.com and many of those perks are designed for our registered customers only.

As I mentioned, the first episode was geared toward using the rhinestone buttons, rhinestone buckles and rhinestone brooches in fashion accessorizing.  We will shortly release the new episode in which we use the same items on home décor accessories.  Make sure to see the Expo International, Inc. virtual tradeshow on “Home Décor Jewelry”!   We are filming it as this blog is prepared!!!

Whether using the rhinestone buckles, buttons and brooches on Fashion Accessories or Home Décor Accessories,

remember to “Embellish Your World”!!!



Oooooh, it’s sparkly!  Everyone is attracted to shiny sparkly objects.

These new brooches and rhinestone accessories will definitely get attention…the good kind…the kind everyone wants.  Fashion accessories make us feel complete and put together.  Simply wear one of these Rhinestone/Gem Brooches on a jacket, sweater or to secure a fashion scarf.  Try pinning a brooch on a favorite hat or on a handbag for a new look. Use a rhinestone accessory as a fashion buckle or jewelry connector.  Change your embellishments with your changing moods!

The Rhinestone/Gem Brooches from Expo International, Inc. will even look wonderful as components in other fashion accessories…just collage several different brooches, feathers, fibers and appliqués on a headband or as a personally designed brooch.

For a new twist, attach a Rhinestone/Gem Brooch to a pillow, tassel, and curtain tieback or as a medallion on the end of your favorite table runner.

There are many different rhinestone products offered at Expo International, Inc.  Don’t miss our rhinestone barrettes and hairclips, rhinestone tiaras, rhinestone appliqués and rhinestone trims.

Embellish Your World,

Bridal hair accessories

Bridal hair accessories

With all the excitement surrounding the royal wedding, fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, we think of all of our customers and the bridal departments that need a little additional sparkle!

At Expo International, Inc. we are actively searching for new wedding accessories, bridal fashion accessories and special day final touches.  Please take some time to review our newest lines of bridal and wedding accessories, rhinestone barrettes, rhinestone brooches, rhinestone buttons and floral hairclips.

Help your customers to celebrate in royal style with quality products from Expo International, Inc., at fantastic prices.

And as we tip our hats to the newly wedded prince and princess, show your customers that you can make dreams come true too!

Embellish your world,


Fascinated with sequins? We all are…they hypnotize us with their depth, color and sparkle! Sequin trims make us happy, inside and out!

Turn mundane apparel into runway fashions; add sequin trims with just a few stitches or permanent fabric adhesive.

decorative sequin trims

Some decorative sequin trims

Check out our fantastic collection of sequin stretch trims, sequin beaded fringe trims, sequin decorative trims, sequin flower trims, sequin chainette trims and sequin organza trims.

By simply sporting a headband and wristband of sequin stretch trim, you can feel like an Olympic athlete and the world is yours. Add sequin trim to your flip flops, baseball caps, handbags and t-shirt necklines for fashionable apparel and accessories. At Expo International, Inc., you will find single row stretch sequin trim to five-row stretch sequin trims in metallic sequins and hologram sequins.

Sequin Chainette Trims are available in 3”, 6”, and 12” lengths, great for handbags, apparel, and costumes.

Sequin Beaded Trims include small round sequins, large pailette sequins, and tusk shaped sequins accompanied by tiny rocaille beads.

Need a simple floral sparkling touch? Add a sequin flower trim or cut a few flowers apart for simple embellishments. Sequin floral trims are fantastic final touches for bridal fashions and special occasion gowns.

Sequin organza trims are very elegant sequin trims that combine sheer ribbons with sporadic sequins and beads. These classy trims are often found on high end fashions.

Purchase from our sequin trim collection and watch your profits add up!

Embellish Your World,